Our Services

Heavy Transportation

Rehal transports equipment and cargo within Kuwait Theater as designated by the United States Government (USG) and via Prime DoD Contractors. We also provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, security, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform line haul & heavy lift operations. Our flat-bed and low-bed fleet include heavy truck systems manufactured by IVECO, MAN, and Mercedes. It operates 24/7 on daily missions in support of the US Armed forces. Its bulk cargo rating is 34-tons for the flat-beds and 70-tons for the low-beds.

Maintenance Services

Rehal provides sustainment level maintenance to its own fleet of Flatbed, HET’s, Fuel Tankers, Van and SUV’s. The same service is offered to support clients’ equipment. The services include the performance of scheduled and unscheduled services on NonTactical Trucks/Trailers.

Bulk Fuel Distribution

Our experienced team has extensive experience hauling a range of petroleum products to support your on-site tanks, portable fueling units, and fleet fueling. Key competitive advantages are:

Own/operate/maintain its own fleet of road tankers and trucks.
Extensive experience fueling KNPC fuel stations on a daily basis.
24/7/365 emergency fueling capabilities.