Established in 2003

Rehal International Transportation Company succeeded in a short time to take a leading position in the Kuwait and regional transportation market; focusing on fuel transportation and overland cargo. Thanks to its professionalism, dedication, consistency, and fairness that led to building the trust with its clients based on its performance.


Rehal International Transport Company is a company specialized in providing innovative transportation solutions prepared according to customer needs, based on a distinguished fleet of trucks capable of meeting various transportation and handling needs. Rahal International is also the main carrier of oil derivatives exported from Kuwait to a number of countries in the region.


The company’s client base is currently largely focused on the public sector. The US and Iraqi governments are at the forefront of our major clients. However, we are also active in providing services to the commercial and military sectors. Our operations are currently expanding to include Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, coinciding with plans to expand our activities to any spot in the Middle East that can be accessed by land, sea and air from our main center in Kuwait City.

Despite working in dangerous areas and environments, we are determined to provide safe transportation services at the lowest possible costs to our customers. In order to achieve this purpose, our team of drivers undergoes rigorous and rigorous training in the areas of safety and maintenance.